Exploring 2D and 3D Shapes

  • Using chalks to draw shapes on the playground, pupils can explore the outlines, corners, and sides of the shapes, creating their own shape interpretations using their bodies on their own, in pairs, small groups or as a whole class.
  • Can they create 2D and 3D shapes over, in front, behind or to the side of the chalk drawings?
  • Can they choreograph a way to transition from one shape to another?

E.g., triangle shape- roll and stretch into a square shape – spin into a circle shape

  • How many ways can they create one shape?

E.g., is it big, small, wide, narrow, using whole body, or individual body parts?

  • Perhaps static 2D and 3D shapes can begin to move or even travel?


Add and Subtract

  • Using chalks outside draw numbers 1 -20 around the playground.
  • Explore actions to represent numbers

e.g., Number 4 = 4 turns, or Number 12 = 12 rolls, or Number 3 = 3 balances.

  • Can children experiment with dynamics and space as they explore actions for numbers? e.g., 4 fast mid-level turns, or 8 slow heavy low rolls etc.
  • Working in pairs can children find number bonds for 10 or 20? Choose actions/dynamics/space to perform for each number.
  • Can they create an action for addition, subtraction and equals? Can they dance and write a sum?

e.g., 2 light fast hops + (action for add) 3 slow turns = (action for equals) 5 energetic jumps.

  • How many different add and subtract sums can they dance and write?
  • Can they write or dance a sum for other children to solve?
  • Sums and answers could be danced by different pairs.


X and Y coordinates

  • Use chalks to draw a giant graph with an X and Y axis on the playground.
  • Working collaboratively in pairs or small groups pupils can follow a list of coordinates to plot coordinates.

E.g.      (3,4)    (1,2)    (5,3)    (2,1)

  • At each coordinate they can create a frozen image/shape individually or combined to represent the coordinate.
  • Can they add more coordinates by finding a map point an interpreting it as an X Y coordinate?
  • Choreograph the pathways between the coordinates selecting effective actions, space, dynamics and relationships.

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